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Red Velvet Drawstring Pouch 135mm x 110mm

Dove 9" Sponge Magic by Gosh


Another sponge comedy prop from Magic by Gosh. This hand carved sponge dove is just about the size of the real thing - approx. 9" long x 3" wide.
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Joshua Jay's Amazing Book of Cards


This book comes in full colour with brilliant explanations on how to perform each dazzling trick and included is an hour-long DVD that breaks down each trick as well! Including tricks, shuffles, stunts and hustles.
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Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks DVD - Volumes 1 & 2


Both Big Blind Media DVDs for a special price of £35.00!
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August Bank Holiday Sale - Now until 12pm Tuesday 26th August 2014

All orders with a goods value of £25.00 and over will receive a 10% discount. All orders with a goods value of £45.00 and over will receive a 15% discount. All orders with a goods value of £75.00 and over will receive a 20% discount.

Free delivery to mainland UK for orders with a goods value of £50.00 and over will still apply but check that your discount hasn't taken your order back under £50.00.

Just order as normal and your discount will be applied at the checkout.

New Lines & Back In Stock Products

New items added to our range or items back in stock.

Playing Cards

Here starts our range of over 1000 decks of playing cards. Poker size, bridge size, patience size decks and magic trick decks and much more!!!!

Bicycle, Piatnik, Magic Castle, Hoyle, Fournier and many many more .............................

Bicycle Gag Cards & Gaff Cards

Bicycle Rider back, poker size gag & gaff cards with a selection of non-Bicycle back gag & gaff cards towards the bottom of the page.

Playing Card Accessories

Card Accessories, plastic card wallets, card droppers, card press, card guard and loads more.

Small Tricks

Our range of over 100 packet tricks, close-up tricks, loads of stuff.........

Accessories, Gizmos, Gadgets, Gimmicks

A range of odd bits and pieces, purse frames, Brass Reels, Finger Flashers, Mirror Glass, Vernet Thumb Tip Markers, Swami gimmick and more.


A range of books including the classics like, The Royal Road to Card Magic, Bobo's Coin Magic and inexpensive booklets explaining the basics of magic.

Well worth a look!

Cigarette and Match Magic

A range of magic items used with cigarettes and matches.

Close Up Mats

Close up mats from Gibsons, Fournier, Goshman, Trevor Duffy, Murphy's and Di Fatta.

Cloth Bags & Tarot Bags

To hold Tarot decks, cups & balls, chop cups, dice, crystal balls etc.

Coins, Coin Tricks & Accessories

A large collection of coins for magicians, dollars, half dollars up to 10" in size, chinese coins. Palming coins and gaffed coins.

Coin Tricks and coin accessories.

Containers, Purses Etc.

Cloth bags, coin pouches, deck holders, card cases, trick wallets, purses etc.

Crochet & Chop Cup Balls, Chop Cups etc.

Crotchets balls in various sizes and colours.

Chop Cup Balls in various sizes and colours.

Chop Cups and Cups


You can mesmerise people by controlling a bright light at your fingertips with seemingly bare hands, making it appear and disappear from view.

Dice and Dice Cups

A large range of dice from 5mm to 100mm, made in wood, plastic or metal and a range of leather dice cups.


Over 200 instructional magic DVDs covering every branch of magic imaginable.

Eggs & Egg Bags

Eggs of different types, wooden, foam, rubber.

Egg bags of various types.

Fake Fruit, Vegetable and Egg Props

An assortment of fake fruit, vegetables and eggs made of plastic, rubber and sponge.

Flash Products

Flash Paper / Flash String / Flash Wool / Finger Flashers

Please note that no flammable Flash items (Eruption, Bills, Pads, Paper, String, Wool and Powder) can be sent overseas due to flight restrictions - we apologise for any inconvenience.

Games - Card Games: Bridge/Rummy/Dominoes etc.

An assortment of playing card games including Bridge, Poker & Rummy to various non-playing card games such as Dominoes & Bingo.

Greeting Cards

A wide range of professional and home-made greetings cards with a magical theme.

Hole Punches

A variety of craft punches in various shapes and sizes.

Can be used to cut shapes from playing cards.

Jewellery, Hats, Ties & Accessories

Cuff links, tie clips, key fobs, brooches, fridge magnets, hats and ties.

Magic by Joe Porper

Magic tricks and accessories produced by Joe Porper.

Magic by Magic Tao

Magic tricks and DVDs produced by Magic Tao.

Magic by Paul Gordon

A collection of card magic produced by Paul Gordon.

Magic Wands

From give away miniature wands to those made from exotic woods with a strong magical feel!


Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets, very strong and standard magnets. The sizes are approx, if the size is critical please ask and we will measure our stock. As we buy from several companies, sizes will vary.

Mogar's Chameleon Knives & Thimbles

An exstensive range of Joe Mogars Chameleon knives from single knives to 5 knife sets.

Noise Makers

An assortment of squeakers, Swiss Warblers, watch winders, neck crackers and woofle dust shakers.

Poker & Casino Accessories

Las Vegas dice, poker chips, shoes & shufflers, playing cards, cut cards and books.

Powders, Lotions, Waxes & Sprays

Bees wax, hand lotion, fanning powder, instant snow powder, PK putty, roughing spray, rubber cement, slush powder, two way glue and much more.


Square silks, diamond silks, card silks and various silk related tricks.

Special Offers

Special multi buy offers.

Sponge Balls, Tricks & Accessories

An exstensive range of sponge balls from Goshman. Various colours and sizes. Also sponge ball tricks and routines, accessories and gimmicks.

Theatre, Music Hall and Circus Postcards

All postcards are 153mm x 112mm (approx. 6" x 4").


Magic with Thimbles.

Various makes including Vernet.

Thread - Invisible, Elastic, Loops & Reels

We stock various types and brands of thread including invisible, elastic and combinations such as Yigal Mesika's Loops.

Three Shell Game

The Three Shell Game is a classic magic routine and we have various sets in stock for amateurs and professionals alike.

Thumb Tips, Nose and Mouth Streamers

It must be one of the largest ranges of Thumb Tips anywhere. If we don't have one that suits you then you will have to get your thumb changed!


Many different types from regular wallets to trick wallets like the Himber and Mullica.

Writing Instruments

Sharpie pens, magician's pens and playing card notebooks.

Best Sellers

Bicycle Standard POKER Rider Back


One deck - choice of red or blue back.

Discounts for 6 decks & 12 decks below.

Poker size.
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Bicycle Standard POKER Rider Back - 12 Decks


Sent 6 x red & 6 x blue unless requested otherwise in the DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS at the Checkout.

Special offer for 12 x blue below.
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Bicycle Standard POKER Rider Back - 6 Decks


Sent 3 x red & 3 x blue unless requested otherwise in the DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS at the Checkout.

Special offer for 6 x blue below.

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Bicycle Forcing Deck - 1 Way


52 of the same card - specific cards can be requested in the DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS at the Checkout.

We try to keep every combination in stock but this is not always possible as some are more popular than others (did someone say the Queen of Hearts?)

If you want a Joker as a force card please select from the Bicycle Forcing Joker Decks below.

Poker size.
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139 - Double Face - Joker/Ace


Joker one side, Ace on reverse.
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Bicycle Mandolin 809 Playing Cards by USPCC


Choice of red or blue backs.

Poker size.

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Tally-Ho Fan Playing Cards


Poker size.
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Tally-Ho Circle Playing Cards


Poker size.
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Misnumbered Die - White with Black Spots - 16mm


Each die has the same number twice on opposite sides of the die.
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Bee Playing Cards - Poker size


Diamond pattern, no border, poker size.
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