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  • Double Decker. Bridge Size.

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The magician removes two cards from somewhere in the deck and places them face up on the table as marker cards.
The spectator deals the cards face down and stops whenever they want to.
One of the face-up cards is used to mark the point at which the spectator stopped and the procedure is repeated, either with the same spectator, or another one.
When the deck is spread face down it seen that the face-up marker cards are directly next to their matching face-down mates e.g. the 2H is found to be next to the 2D and the JS is next to the JC...This in itself is a miracle but when the rest of the deck is spread, the audience shocked to see that all the other cards are the Jokers!!!!
Self working, easy to do but very baffling.
Complete with printed instructions. 


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