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  • Guesstimation by Wayne Dobson

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Wayne Dobson has done it again! A super simple easy to do fooler!!

Explaining that you are a master of guesstimation - the ability to instantly know how many cards have been removed from a deck of 52 card deck.

To prove this you have them cut some cards off and you instantly tell him that he has cut off exactly 18 cards.

He counts them and you are correct!

You repeat this and then offer to try it one more time but this time you hand him one of your business cards, explaining that there is a prediction on the other side.

Your helper cuts some cards off again and you say that you are convinced that he has 25 cards.

He counts them and finds that he has 27 cards, you then say "So I was right, you do have 25 2!"

Everyone smiles nervously until you ask the person holding the business card to turn it over revealing the words "PLUS TWO"!

100% Self Working.

No Memory Work.

Custom Bicycle Deck.

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